• Land in Line, Landscape Architecture and other thoughts


Thomas Biro is a licensed landscape architect in New Jersey and have over twenty five years of experience in the field.  He is principal of Thomas Biro Associates and a member of the American Society of Landscape Architects. You can view some of his work at www.thomasbiro.com.


Thomas Biro, landscape architectAs a landscape architect, I convey design ideas through drawings and plans. When I started in the profession, this was all done by hand. Now drawings are done in CAD (computer aided design), which are then plotted to a printer. The design of the land is represented as a series of lines on paper. Thus, “Land in Line”.  It is my intention for this blog to have an emphasis on the subject of landscape architecture.  However, I am also looking to express other areas of interest that are rattling around my head.

I do not want this to be a strictly informational blog about; site analysis, landscape design, environmental planning, or sustainable sites, although all these subjects may appear now and then.  I am looking at this as an opportunity to write down my thoughts and feelings as a landscape architect and how it relates to my everyday life. I look forward to having conversations with those of you who visit.  I hope to be able to convey my thoughts and feelings in lines of text as I do when I design landscapes as lines on paper. Land in Line.